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Functional Testing

Are you one of the countless individuals that have visited your GP complaining of a whole host of symptoms, whereby you have had a load of blood tests and they all come back ‘normal’?

Are you a healthy clinical ‘norm’?

Clients often come to see me because routine blood tests show their results are clinically ‘normal’ when they don’t actually feel ‘normal’.

Functional DX blood chemistry testing focuses on the ‘functional’ ranges, the range the body is designed to function at optimally by using advanced blood interpretation technology to reveal what traditional blood analysis doesn’t.

There is good reason to opt for Functional DX blood chemistry testing:
View the example reports here

  • Functional ranges rather than clinical ranges are the best health indicators

  • Identifies nutritional status, functional system status and identifies health trends

  • Functional DX testing is the most sophisticated blood chemistry analysis available

  • Uses computerized algorithms to establish health trends

  • Choose from a comprehensive range of functional testing panels with up to 80 bio markers available to be tested.

  • Functional DX Testing results are interpreted and presented in a sophisticated and detailed health report for you to take home to refer to.

  • The Functional DX report;

    • Clearly shows the bio markers that are out of range

    • Explains your hidden health trends

    • Includes a ‘Health Improvement Plan’ that takes all the information contained within the report and focuses on the top areas that need attention.

    • Allows you to track your progress.

  • You will receive a comprehensive report that includes:

    • Health Improvement Plan
      This report shows customized recommendations based on the blood test results.

    • Blood Test Results Report
      This report lists the blood test results and shows whether or not an individual element is outside of the optimal range and/or outside of the clinical lab range.

    • % Deviation from Optimal Report
      This report shows the elements on this blood test that are farthest from optimal expressed as a % deviation from the median.

    • Out Of Optimal Range Report
      This report shows the background details about the elements on this blood test that are outside the optimal range high and low.

    • Functional Index Report
      This report presents the 20 Indices of Functional Health.

    • Nutrient Index Report
      This report presents the 6 Indices of Nutrient Health and areas of nutrient need.

    • Blood Test History Report
      This report gives an historical view of the last 7 blood tests side by side highlighting elements that are outside the optimal range.

  • Functional DX is not diagnostic, it is designed for health trend reporting

You can view examples of the reports and prices here.

DNA Testing

Gene testing is proving to be the key that unlocks the code to healthy living and longevity. Your genes are not necessarily your destiny and a DNA test can highlight weaknesses before they become illnesses.

Genetics is the code that tells us our weaknesses, but epigenetics is the science that tells us what we can do about it. By making the right changes you can switch on defective genes and express these positively to improve your health.

If genetics gives you the bad news then epigenetics tells you what you can do about it. Now you are empowered via epigenetics with the appropriate supplements and lifestyle changes to optimize your gene health.

Areas to focus on

Unlock your health and well-being potential, discover your genetic profile.

You will gain more thorough understanding of your genetic predispositions and environmental factors impacting on your overall health and weight.

You will receive:

  • DNA results for specific genes with clear explanations and indicators to highlight genetic predispositions

  • Clinical assessments with explanations and indicators to address these health and lifestyle issues

  • Genotype eating plans to get you started on the right nutritional pathway

  • Genotype exercise plans to do the right workouts for your body type.

  • Nutritional supplements to tackle your genetic defects and health issues head on.

‘DNA testing provides the optimal lifestyle blueprint to achieve your optimal weight and health potential’

Dr. Duncan Carmichael

The price of this test is £139, excluding consultation. Supplements are an optional additional cost.

DNA testing kit
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