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Functional Testing

Are you a healthy clinical ‘norm’?

Clients often come to see me because routine blood tests show their results are clinically ‘normal’ when they don’t actually feel ‘normal’.

Functional DX blood chemistry testing focuses on the ‘functional’ ranges, the range the body is designed to function at optimally by using advanced blood interpretation technology to reveal what traditional blood analysis doesn’t.


Blood has a lot to tell us about your state of health and the blood chemistry and CBC / hematology test is the most commonly ordered medical lab test worldwide. These blood tests are an integral part of Western clinical medicine and are used to aid in the diagnostic decision-making process. Patients understand and are educated that blood testing is the norm for health assessment. However, many many people start to feel unwell long before a traditional blood test becomes diagnostic and more often than not, patients like you are told by their physician that "everything on your blood test looks normal."


Many patients who feel "unwell" will come out "normal" on a blood test. Clinical experience suggests that these people are by no means "normal" and are a far cry from being functionally optimal. They may not yet have progressed to a known disease state but they are what we call dysfunctional, i.e. their physiological systems are no longer functioning properly and they are starting to feel un-well. The issue is not that the blood test is a poor diagnostic tool, far from it. The issue is that the ranges used on a traditional lab test are based on statistics and not on whether a certain value represents good health or optimal physiological function. The problem is that "normal" reference ranges usually represent "average" populations rather that the optimal level required to maintain good health. Most "normal" ranges are too broad to adequately detect health problems before they become pathology and are not useful for detecting the emergence of dysfunction


The functional approach to chemistry screen and CBC analysis is oriented around changes in physiology and not pathology. Functional DX Blood Chemistry uses ranges that are based on optimal physiology and not the "normal" population. This results in a tighter "Functional Physiological Range", which allows them to evaluate the area within the "Normal" range that indicates that something is not quite right in the physiological systems associated with this biomarker.

This gives them the ability to detect changes in your physiological "function". Functional DX Blood Chemistry can identify the factors that obstruct you from achieving optimal physiological, biochemical, and metabolic functioning in your body. Another thing that separates the Functional Blood Chemistry Analysis from the Traditional approach is they are not simply looking at one individual biomarker at a time in a linear report of the data. Rather, they use trend analysis between the individual biomarkers to establish your otherwise hidden trend towards or away from a functional health optimal.


The Functional Health Report is the result of a detailed algorithmic analysis of your blood test results. Their analytical and interpretive software analyzes the blood test data for its hidden meaning and reveals the subtle, web-like patterns hidden within the numbers that signal the first stages of functional change in your body.

Blood testing is no longer simply a part of disease or injury management.

Itís a vital component of a comprehensive Functional Medicine work up and plays a vital role in uncovering hidden health trends, comprehensive health promotion and disease prevention.

There is good reason to opt for Functional DX blood chemistry testing:
View the example reports here

  • Functional ranges rather than clinical ranges are the best health indicators

  • Identifies nutritional status, functional system status and identifies health trends

  • Functional DX testing is the most sophisticated blood chemistry analysis available

  • Uses computerized algorithms to establish health trends

  • Choose from a comprehensive range of functional testing panels with up to 80 bio markers available to be tested.

  • Functional DX Testing results are interpreted and presented in a sophisticated and detailed health report for you to take home to refer to.

  • The Functional DX report;

    • Clearly shows the bio markers that are out of range

    • Explains your hidden health trends

    • Includes a ‘Health Improvement Plan’ that takes all the information contained within the report and focuses on the top areas that need attention.

    • Allows you to track your progress.

  • You will receive a comprehensive report that includes:

    • Health Improvement Plan
      This report shows customized recommendations based on the blood test results.

    • Blood Test Results Report
      This report lists the blood test results and shows whether or not an individual element is outside of the optimal range and/or outside of the clinical lab range.

    • % Deviation from Optimal Report
      This report shows the elements on this blood test that are farthest from optimal expressed as a % deviation from the median.

    • Out Of Optimal Range Report
      This report shows the background details about the elements on this blood test that are outside the optimal range high and low.

    • Functional Index Report
      This report presents the 20 Indices of Functional Health.

    • Nutrient Index Report
      This report presents the 6 Indices of Nutrient Health and areas of nutrient need.

    • Blood Test History Report
      This report gives an historical view of the last 7 blood tests side by side highlighting elements that are outside the optimal range.

  • Functional DX is not diagnostic, it is designed for health trend reporting

Prices start at £200 for basic report consisting of 50 biomarkers, click here.

My DNA Health

Gene testing is proving to be the key that unlocks the code to healthy living and longevity. Your genes are not necessarily your destiny and a DNA test can highlight weaknesses before they become illnesses.

Genetics is the code that tells us our weaknesses, but epigenetics is the science that tells us what we can do about it. By making the right changes you can switch on defective genes and express these positively to improve your health.

If genetics gives you the bad news then epigenetics tells you what you can do about it. Now you are empowered via epigenetics with the appropriate supplements and lifestyle changes to optimize your gene health.

Areas to focus on

Unlock your health and well-being potential, discover your genetic profile.

You will gain more thorough understanding of your genetic predispositions and environmental factors impacting on your overall health and weight.

You will receive:

  • DNA results for specific genes with clear explanations and indicators to highlight genetic predispositions

  • Clinical assessments with explanations and indicators to address these health and lifestyle issues

  • Genotype eating plans to get you started on the right nutritional pathway

  • Genotype exercise plans to do the right workouts for your body type.

  • Nutritional supplements to tackle your genetic defects and health issues head on.

‘DNA testing provides the optimal lifestyle blueprint to achieve your optimal weight and health potential’

Dr. Duncan Carmichael


DNA testing kit

For example of Comprehensive DNA Panel report please click here For example of Lifestyle Assessment Report please click here


DNA testing kit


DNA testing kit

For example of report please click here

Reports includes personalised colour coded genotype results together with the environmental factors impacting gene expression and overall health. the results are interpreted and presented in an easy-to-understand report which includes recommendations for lifestyle, nutrition and exercise modifications.

For more information please visit their website: https://mydnahealth.co.uk/genes-and-health/
Please note, the above prices do not include the cost of a consultation and supplements which are an additional charge

I also offer additional laboratory testing should further investigation into your presenting symptoms be required; e.g. stool analysis, iodine loading testing, thyroid panels, adrenal stress profile, hair testing as well as many others.
I use the following laboratories:

Genova Diagnostics
Regenerous Laboratories
Biological Testing Services
Bio Lab
Procepts Nutrition

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